Head and Heart Workshop with People for Purpose

    Thursday 23 November 2017 (Midday - 2.00 pm)


    Whether you have social sector experience or looking for a career pivot, this monthly workshop series is designed to help carve out your unique path to working 'on purpose'.


    "I would highly recommend the Head and Heart Workshop for anyone who is looking at building or advancing their career in the 'for purpose' sector. Rachael McLennan is an excellent facilitator and provides a unique perspective with leadership insights and vital information on this sector, which I believe is not available anywhere else.

    Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed attending the workshop and it has helped me in building a knowledge base and developing my board career in the 'for purpose' sector."


    Raj Narayan,

    Non executive director



  • Impact-Led Design Masterclasses with Think Impact

    Melbourne - Wednesday 25 October
    Sydney - Tuesday 31 October
    Adelaide - Thursday 2 November


    Think Impact is running a series of masterclasses on Impact-Led Design.


    The Impact-Led Design Masterclass draws on over 20 years experience of designing innovative approaches to social change. It will provides people with cutting-edge theory and tools on how to build a high-performing organisation. It moves beyond measurement, you will learn how to integrate impact into the design and development of services.



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